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Big Rick Stuart

Afternoons 3pm - 7pm



Star Wars Day
Star Wars Bobblehead First 20,000 Fans
Tim Hudson Retirement Ceremony
The Giants will hold a special retirement ceremony honoring Tim Hudson for all his achievements not only with the Giants, but through his career. Be sure to be in your seats by 12:30 for this special ceremony.
Fan Appreciation Day
All fans in attendance have the opportunity to win special prizes courtesy of Virgin America, Levi's, Chevron and much more! One lucky fan will win the grand prize, a 2016 Toyota Tacoma SR5 V6 Double Cab. Make sure you are in your seats by 11:30 a.m. for all the festivities.
Jeremy Affeldt Retirement Ceremony
For the final game of the season, the Giants will hold a special retirement ceremony honoring long-time Giants fan favorite, Jeremy Affeldt.
In honor of World Habitat Day on Mon 10/5, let's work to cleanup our own creek.
Spend a few hours at Coyote Creek and help beautify our creek through a community cleanup. Improve your Trash Karma by participating! All ages welcome. Volunteers needed to help with registration and photos as well as participate in the cleanup.
Does your Halloween costume need some extra "oomph" this year? Make your Iron Man's arc reactor glow or add much needed pixie dust to your fairy costume. It's easy when you use soft circuit technology of LEDs and conductive thread. Bring your costume to our workshop to work on! Need something extra to decorate? A limited supply of tote bags will be available for an additional fee at the beginning of the workshop. Recommended for ages 12+.
Join us for an afternoon of sipping wine and strolling beautiful Lincoln Ave. in Downtown Willow Glen! Tickets are $35 in advance and if any tickets are still available they will be $40 the day of the event. Ticket price includes a wine glass and tasting map for the 26 wine tasting sites. All tastes are included and there is no limit on how many tasting sites you can visit.
San Francisco 49ers hall of fame inductee will be making an appearance at Nordstrom Valley Fair on behalf of HUGO BOSS Fragrances, the Official NFL Fragrance for 2015. Come meet Joe Montana, where he will be signing limited edition HUGO BOSS footballs, fragrances and taking selfies!
This event is for students age 10 to 14. Students need to be proficient typers in order to make the most of this experience. The website content makes it much easier for us to have students work on games at their own pace.
If you have never built a game before, or even written a single line of code before, this event is still for you! You can sign up for our crash course from 7 pm - 7:30 pm, which will go over the first chapter on getting started with our gaming library.

49ers host Packers 1:25 pm Levi's
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Rebel Mouse

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Nietzsche and Satchel Paige

I love this comparison of wisdom from Friedrich Nietzsche and Satchel Paige!

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New Thing: Pay 30 dolars each. Get locked in a room. Try to escape. Sounds kind of crazy, but I can see the appeal to gamers or tech kids to try to figure it out. Not many have! 
Some of my friends had done research. “This is supposed to be one of the hardest escape games.” Keri informed us, having looked it up online. “Even in gamer circles, the San Francisco one is supposed to be tough.” more here 

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Clear Lake is #3 on Best Bass Lakes of 2013

"If this place isn’t a dream lake for a bass fisherman, that fisherman needs to check his pulse." Bassmaster Magazine says Clear Lake is #3 on Best Bass Lakes of 2013. I've never had a 100 fish day but I did have a 70+ day catching (and releasing) bass at Clear Lake. It's a great lake for sure!
Go with guide Bob Myskey at www.fishclearlake.com for a fun day. He's awesome. Here's a couple of Clear Lake bass I caught (then released) on a trip with him a few years ago. Read more here when they talk about 25 or 30 pounds a day to win a tournament that is for just 5 fish!

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1st Motorcycle

What was my first motorcycle? 1st time ever was a Honda Trail 90 one day for about 10 minutes. Later I really learned on a Montgomery Wards "Riverside" 125 that was a Benelli sold by Wards. It looked this one in the photo. Kickstart on the left and and heel and toe shifting on the right!

It had a twin 2 stroke with 2 little pistons that fired at the same time. It was called a "Twingle." I don't know why someone would do that. I lost the key that went down into the headlight so I used a nail instead. It worked fine except when you hit a bump it would pop up and the engine died, but you just pushed it back in to keep going.

I, being a kid, rode the crap out of it at Borax Lake in Lake County.

They looked kind of cool.

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Thank You Justin Timberlake Fans!

Saw this headline about the new Justin Timberlake album

"The 20/20 Experience, debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with 968,000 copies sold"


"SOLD" It's great that so many have paid for this music. It helps recording engineers, songwriters, musicians, studio workers, album art photographers and graphic designers, everyone involved in the video production, everyone involved in touring (that's a lot!), promotion people, and on and on.

These people can continue to do what they do because of the success of artists like Justin Timberlake. They move on to another project and more music working with bands and artists we may or may not have heard of.

Paying for music helps a lot of people continue to make music for us. JT fans are helping a lot!

That's how it goes.

Billboard says: (more here)

Justin Timberlake's third solo album, The 20/20 Experience, debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 with 968,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The sum is the largest for any album this year and the best of the former 'N Sync member's solo career.

Another way to frame Timberlake's success? He's just the sixth artist in the Billboard 200's 57-year history to notch multiple No. 1 albums both with a group and as a soloist. And, half of those six are Beatles, meaning Timberlake is in some truly Fab company.

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Local employer offers staff unusual perk: free beer

Local if you are in Florida. Dang. "Local employer offers staff unusual perk: free beer" Advanced Medical in Port Orange holds "Beer Cart Fridays." They are a provider of physical, occupational and speech therapists throughout the country. "We have a very low turnover, and a very high retention rate"

read more

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Today in Not The Best Day In Red Hot Chili Peppers Music History: RHCP's on SNL

RHCP Under The Bridge on Saturday Night Live 1992

It's famous now. For all the wrong reasons. It's a terrible version. John Frusciante looks really high, and at the end Flea and Anthony look like they just want it to be over.

After being released as a single in March 1992, the song would be included in virtually all concerts; Frusciante, however, began to resent the song's popularity and would play convoluted intros, purposefully throwing Kiedis off.

An example of this was during a televised performance on the highly rated program Saturday Night Live on February 22, 1992. Kiedis said it "felt like I was getting stabbed in the back and hung out to dry in front of all of America while [Frusciante] was off in a corner in the shadow, playing some dissonant out-of-tune experiment."

The guitarist used a distortion pedal for the ending verse and screamed incomprehensibly into the microphone when providing backup vocals, neither of which were originally planned or typical of live performances.

Later in May 1992 John was out of the band.

In early 1998, the Red Hot Chili Peppers fired guitarist Dave Navarro and John had cleaned up his life and then rejoined the band.

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He Said She Said Cops Said...

"Rock-n-rollers head to jail in Brook Park following argument over favorite guitarist"

He said: Slash
She said: Eddie
Cops said: Jail

read more here Cleveland Rocks! ok technically Brook Park but it's close enough

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Chris Hoffman