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Wednesday, February 8th


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Hi I'm Jim Jefferies welcome to my podcast today we're talking with the N rouge announced either radio voice of the San Jose Sharks. At about the amazing accomplishment Patrick Marleau recently did. As well as what Joseph Thornton is about to accomplish Patrick Marleau on February 2 scored his 500 goal of his NHL career becoming only the 45 player in NHL history. To reach that milestone. That's really incredible but even more amazing than that he's this little discussed stat and that is that he has big game winning goal. Against every other team in the National Hockey League in his career every single want to get at least one game winner. That's unbelievable that 97 game winners he's probably gonna go over a hundred for his career. And at that Jimmy tells you that they he really is that his stance when it matters the most of the. The last couple games that we've seen with a four goals on the road in Colorado. Followed up by the game winning goal with. Most of little six minutes to play against Winnipeg they keep winning games and all the line he's there. And you look at the teams and players that have you know over 500 goals with the same team their their mount Rushmore of hockey players Gordy Howe Steve arson and Mario LeMieux Joe Sakic gamma Ki death. He's amongst those guys now. I would really love to see Patrick Marleau play his entire career to church uniform for that reason and anyway he is on mount Rushmore as far as the San Jose Sharks a concern to. Somebody they came here in 1997. Just the seventeen year old kid actually when he was drafted. And has played his entire career here he said his ops he's headed down mostly up so obviously. But he's somebody that that also was a great human being. Somebody that takes care of himself who's dedicated to establish who loves his community and so those are the things you know that are away from the I strength could make it really special but on the ice. He says go to goal scorer as we've seen here in the last twenty years. You don't Patrick is a very humble guy comes from a small little farm town in Saskatchewan Raikkonen. A writes the statue and I think if they're fifty people there it's blocking either more cows than people as badly yet at the 16100 acre farm that they still rotted. High that Mercury news article that was a really cool picture of a seventeen year old Patrick Myles sitting on on a tractor just on the wheel. And then there's another picture to of Patrick what is kids outside the town where there's this huge sign that says welcome they have a right homeless Patrick Marleau yeah I mean you know it's the biggest thing in cabin that such as ticket eighty yen as it where. I of these these little towns takes such pride in the players that get to the NHL. And that's just that's just an amazing thing and it's the roots of the person that is Patrick Marleau the honesty the. The fact that they're fighting be elements sit there they're taking care of each other that they don't necessarily have a lot of money growing up. The that they love for the game of hockey and have all those things come together when you look at resolved cavalry struck. Pilots move onto the other big story number nineteen Joseph Thornton. We're talking about 237 year old veteran amazing shape and are both going to be an hockey hall of fame what their careers are over. What's amazing to me you could make an argument about Patrick Barbara on this planet but to the hockey news just put out. The list of who they feel the 100 best players in the history of the NHL market. They didn't put chills port on the list that I just can't believe that. Bob anybody who has a thousand assists as he's going to have before his career is over. It is alleged did my mind and the fact that he's continued to play at this high level at this stage. Even though he gets all sorts of people checking him in putting you know hacking and whacking him behind the play and everything else that goes on he still loves to battle. And he is he loves to make his teammates better and I have to say that this that Joseph Thornton has been one of the most centrist think. Superstars to it to play in the NHL these last few years. Well really unfortunate thing about this stories at Patrick got number 500 on the road we can just hope that Joseph gets number 1000 at home. Boy I know we have to go out a bit of history to get there. But wouldn't it be great if he got its thousandth assist on Thursday February not in Boston I think deadbeat person. I again appreciate your time goes sharks enjoy the rest of this road trip will catch up with you when you get that column. Okay.