Peter Frampton

Monday, May 15th


Tim Chats with Peter Frampton

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It's Jim Jefferies and 985 K fox and Hayward joined by Peter Frampton. I Peter. Jim I think we've chatted in the past I so you have to Clinton's on tour this summer with Steve Miller they're gonna be part of the summer send off show that will be happening on August 14 the actual Tor is just about one month away June 15 and Peter I understand you met Steve Miller we guess you've met one another. When you're both very early in your careers what ol' what's his story. Yeah he was coming to England to record with Clinton Jones beat the kind. The granddaddy of all engineer producer it's. And I was lucky enough. And he was lucky enough to work we have to them you know in their late sixties early seventies so. Yeah one I had been working would blend with humble pie and he's so I'm working with this new Iraq is Steve Miller from the American wanna come up to this session he still has some vocal some. And so I came up I met Steve I was probably twenty he missed. I don't know how much older he is simian makeup he isn't sure but. And I did spend the evening listening distinct Mela. That those Steve Miller twilight vocal but he does incredibly. And my jaw dropping entire evening and was so enamored by his talent you know and that's when I first became. A fan of this Steve Miller Band. You know when ball was in the bank and you know we've known each other since then and then of course in the seventies. Mid seventies. We seem to be. I received opening pristine in early in his. And I am and I think at some point we ended up doing stadiums together. I think I might have been going on roster that point you know this couple kept. And then we actually says we've done that it is. There Arenas stadiums. It's time to do a good night's on the tour together and we have done about I don't know. Four of five shows a couple of years ago. In the summer and I together my band and his band and we enjoyed it so much he called me up to play with them every night which is a thrill and that basically go to do all summer and so said that any time so this is Leah. And you know we've been in contact he mailing. That was important he came to see me play in my constituent Nashville. He was in town and can record up there have recently. And so will work out some numbers we can do together. And it's the first time I've actually worked with another just are going out. That we pre planned stuff. This much in the Bronx and to make you content girl you know so that I'm gonna come out playing with them. Every night so it really is the two bands you know so it's it's going to be a lot of fun. Skull Peter Frampton is with us here and you mentioned a couple things from listening talk about Steve Miller I've got an opportunity and to meet with him we did show a few years ago. And he's a real approachable guy seems to me he's a pretty normal guys been in the business long enough he's not jaded in any way. Are very intelligent man. But that one thing that you always look forward to when you see Steve Miller show is who's gonna bring up on stage and he always likes to kind of just. Let other people kind of share the spotlight with him I guess without really spoiling the surprise do you have any idea what songs you might be doing with Steve Miller. Yeah we have a selection we're not quite sure yet but I mean I out to impress some blues numbers he can do wonders of blue ice again yeah. So then he the musicologist. Mrs. Steve. Then send me and up to firm up an iPhone. Lift at the music so I mean that the choice was phenomenal so yeah he's so great it was. It's it's going to be if until he really has. Joey first announced this date. It seemed obvious to me are three dance with the area connections night ranger. And as a Bay Area band are Steve Miller recorded book of dreams fly like an legally and form the originals Steve O blues bands have Cisco. Quickly 68 kind of in a U of course recorded. That fabulous double life felt pressure goes like most in San Cisco do you have any funding area stories. Well I mean obviously. The Bay Area war is the first place. The guy has an optimist could topple my name on the ticket at the top and sell out a room like where to land and that was out very first. What we've recording comes alive that the the majority of it. I'd say 9095%. Of it was recorded in one night that was the very first night we we have the headline in San Cisco we didn't. Opening the bill for The Grateful Dead and can accept it and end. December Disco favorites you name it we've I've opened for them you know. And then gradually moved up to the middle spot men then of course all of a sudden jammed just can't seem to be ahead of everywhere else in the country. It was when you could actually say you world regional breakout. Hit and and so. I don't think we worried about the truck being outside recording and passed that night I know we will more I was more nervous about. Being able to do our very first deadline joke and have enough time. Because we were going from the same tour we were doing fifteen minutes. And we have to find another you know forty minutes somewhere so we along the way we were testing has found tricks to bring out. Stuff that I never done before including the coast except. Which we didn't play here is well. Peter Frampton joining us young 985 K fox part of our summer sendoff Steve Miller Peter Frampton I Rangers on the bill Saturday August 12 shoreline amphitheater. Tickets available at K fox dot com. You've got a new record any songs I seem to Byrd today based on a true story but there's a lot more than just saving a bird it's. I guess the birds kind of a metaphor for other things. Yes I I mean it's a true story in as much as I bird flew into mind. My window and landed on my balcony and knocked it felt that a very large. Not one that I've ever seen trying to my window before and. I did find out how to say this them but it along the way this lovely lady that I found from wildlife association somewhere. Locally here in Tennessee. So at that unfortunately now that it's. Think it came around it woke up. She should the only thing about this that is that it took one of handful of species. A boat it will only take off from quartet. I think it you kidding me. I think that's why hasn't thrown away she said. Such an icon just drop it off the balcony. She's had no food no fewer lives saved it and killed it in the same day so. I hate I had the box it up may actually talks it up and file box couple file box. Take it down to the river here in. And then Nashville and take it down as close to the river is like again I was about eighteen inches off the the river there and opened the box and. The third facility the border kicked me kicked a box and jumped in order amendment that. Beautiful slow motion. As he started the war on military and then started running. And then took off in slow motion up into the night stood side by that and I just sit I think about today. I didn't have time to take a movie of it when my iPhone might jolt was on my chest you know is just so thrilled that this thing. Trying really took off female show. When where and when I told Gordon Kennedy my co writer. He he wrote change the world for Eric with a couple of friends of his. So he he's and found themselves for a body latent. Note to people so. What would dividing together. It's coming it's coming up to eighteen years now. And I told in the story that prevent this from ever being some sort of thing you've got to come over and helped me finish this one somehow I'm really excited about. I got the word I got that manatee and and the court and everything. But you need some good words so anyway. I've tried setting the track and he comes around at me like the next day. And guess what this comes about you know last year kicked it should be done you know talking about the pilot and then. What we work into this song basically was that you know. It seems so. Two I'd juxtaposition. To where we are in the world today in this country and in the world and it's much. It's shaping them this is sort of like. So opposition to what's going on right now and and compassion. And caring. And then the line in the song that the reason we're here it is to care for the people that the reason reporter on this to look after each other. And I think we've we've come so far off right now away from back I mean I've never. Had a dime of bone in my body don't understand it so I was attacked obviously. I would defend myself back. But. And as far as why we at war and lively. So actually each other's throats right now is sort of I am not naive but I understand. But I just wish that it was something that. We we need more you know I'm my different lingo for so many years. He's so there 18 it might sound trite do you. He's always got his two fingers and I've added something to that I'd done added peace love and the truth. And that's the way I feel right now wolf what we need and we've got so far away from that and we we just need more than you know. And it just doesn't seem like we know how to care for fellow man and unless there's money to be made. Greed is kind of taken over so much and I have become so much more aware of world how this happened. And I just went to the hill in Washington and on behalf ask. There royalty to a collection people that I'm upon told. And you know to work out I have this song right if it is so getting screwed if I want them an opposite well. And some right to remind known my health leeway of the income probably need not the job. Because. A million streams of of a song that you wrote in time a 100% yourself won't let you 170. Dollars. From streaming. Now strange apparently they give me figures on baby arrived you weigh I don't know at the time period is that it is but it's. Strange 56 million times on pandora. And I got just under 3000 dollars. Which kinda gives you an idea of so we're definitely not British. Couple. Six and Lisa I spoke to four great both sides of the aisle congressman. Whose jaws dropped when we told them this. So there's a lot of things that need sorting out. Eight in this world and and I think that. That is it that is one of them for me personally controlled songwriters because. You know Gordon Kennedy said you know a year that you negotiate. Different great songwriter friend of his court about the and so adept at eight wanna get together we get rid of some in awhile and Gordon's own source. Why. You know because if you don't have an outlet for it and and even if you do. You know. And there's no physical sales anymore or very few of them it's old just about now on streaming. And we've got a long way to go and be paid market value for what we do for a living otherwise there isn't why would you want to be some right you know anymore. Yeah well Peterson a pleasure to hear from you and we tough a cover quite a few topics it was told that fifteen minutes are we wrapped it up and that was pretty good. Car. I really enjoyed guy chatting with you again and looking for the show Steve Miller Band Peter Frampton we're calling it our summer sendoff because it's towards the end the summer but it's going to be a great Saturday night August 12 shoreline amphitheater pony tickets available and Peter thanks for the time share in the story I love the story of how you see the bird today and how inspired song. And that book book thank you it's been a pleasure token geoghan thank you Peter. How ready black and now.