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Wednesday, February 15th


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Hit a little podcast again risen asking the voice of the San Jose Sharks are so many great story lines going on with the San Jose Sharks outlook to talk about. Polish goalie Joseph Thornton but I understand you've got a pretty important announcement or storyline with the patty Marleau. And it's it's a crazy game between the sharks in the Florida Panthers this week because. Patrick Marleau Joseph Orton and yeah army are ya girl playing in the same game and that doesn't happen very often because there are separate conferences but. The Packard model reference that you're talking about is easily the tenth player in NHL history. It's going to play in the 600 consecutive games that he can only 500 goal scorer ever do that. So that's really really significant not that many players are durable as Patrick Marleau and he's just been brilliant in that regard. Actual start is getting close to a thousand assists. And so that's amok with pops that it ever played this game. And yarder yarder police the sharks on his 45 birthday. He's at one point away from 19100 in this NHL career. There's only one guy everybody I'm Scott more than that. And it really is special when you get a chance to seek to create these guys in action against each other in the same game. That is pretty impressive Dan you're right absolutely there's a lot going on in tonight's game there's three different story lines so with Patrick Marleau what makes him such an iron and you'd think. I think it's a combination of things the first thing you have to start with village genetic specious naturally in a very strong very well built guy. That's the first thing he he just has some great cheats. The second thing is that he takes great care of himself he's totally dedicated I can't tell you how many times over the course of his career that I exchange. You know players even getting his day off suffered from skating on the ice. Going into the gym to work out the hotel attacking actor Marlon there all by himself just take compare things in making sure. It's that he's prepared to play and the third thing you can just look McCain and activities is the key to what they do what you love that game. You were able to get through some of the challenging times of any season and any career. And that's something that also has been contributed but the final thing of course is good luck and let's knock on every piece of wood possible we talk about. The durability of Patrick Marleau put into the age 37 truly remarkable. And yet another thing about Patrick that knows especially this season. He looks like he's really having fun out there. Yes. I think he really has appreciated that the response to me the out calling it just loved it's been sent his way when he was approaching event surpassing 500 goals. And that that's really motivating they have I think that that he feels that that he's been really appreciated by the fans that means a lot to. So Joseph Thornton sitting in 996. Assists only four away from that rarefied air of 1000. Assists is only twelve other players in the history of the NHL to reach 1000 assess. And it schedules kind of plain out nicely because we've got Florida tonight. Arizona on Saturday. Looking here Dan Sunday. Boston Bruins a team that drafted GO on Sunday wouldn't it be sweet to see Joseph pick up a couple assistant may be to a net gain against Boston. Well that was the story line that we had about a week ago on the road with the sharks were going to Boston. Data was some sort of hope that maybe beauty was that 1998. Heading into it had been counted JB can take it up on the road but I like your scenario a lot better Tim because. He can do it against the Bruins at home I. I say in that game on the nineteenth I I just think that that would be cherry on top of this week's Sunday for Joseph port to be able to do that that particular game. They have these the fans in Boston have a chance to see that. And sort of put a cap on things because thousand assists as is the case the tiebreaker goals is to. Awfully difficult thing to accomplish. If you check out the names of everybody that's ahead of them in terms of assists. Every one of them as a hall of Famer deserves to be there the course Joseph and Patrick model for that matter bulls could end up but that is that album called but. It just another little bit of a check mark next to the qualification list import may be getting to a halt thing. So how is this affecting the rest of the team you've got a couple of veterans from both the draft in the for the first two players taken in the 1997 expansion draft. What the affected Patrick Marleau and Joseph Torre have on the rest the team particularly the young players on the sharks' roster. Look at this tremendous reference for these guys because let's face it the most of the young players coming into the league at all or hockey all their lives. And these guys that part of the NHL for a lot of these guys have been a lot. So when you think about that you think about the fact these sent these players are continuing to perform at a high level. I think they they're tremendous example of great role model for a young player like say Kevin what banquet table buyer. Top players of that nature were coming into the NHL just trying to figure things out there trying to survive and stay in a week. These are players who have excelled for two decades and continue to do so at an advantageous. What year. Behind the scenes and you're watching these guys work on individual skills. I think they rookies when you when you see them taking the extra time to pay attention to what they're putting into their bodies the witnesses that they pay attention to nutrition. We did they pay attention making sure they get their right to sleep and everything else that goes into that it just a great asset to this organization to have players of that nature. Well Dan it is an exciting time via sharks fan on these individual records and milestones being set by two of the best players on the roster and overall the team's doing quite well. They're in first place in the Pacific division of the Western Conference and Dan thanks for your time and really looking forward here in your calls here on 95 K fox.