Dan Rusanowsky

Tuesday, September 12th


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So it's Jim Jefferies and the first sharks podcast of this season I'm excited to be in studio with in recent Muskegon things come down to have them. It's Ian so let's talk a little bit about the sharks. On the upcoming season. And I think that the headline to this be for the first time in twenty seasons Patrick Marleau. Will not be playing for the CLC sharks what does that mean to you. And what do you think it means for the fans to not see. Can't be out there on the Unix it's kind of a bittersweet feeling because nobody is angrier Patrick Marleau everybody's very happy for armies. 38 years old when he got a three year contract it's guaranteed it's six and a half million dollars a year pretty good to deal at age 38. Part of that's attributes of the waste take care himself and high level that he plays at still at the stage of his career but. I think I think people are little disappointed at the same time and I know that I feel that way because. It's not often that you can spend two full decades with one team no one else. And so when you get that far you'd you'd kinda wanna hole we really hope that the guy could finish his whole career playing entire career with one team. I just happen actually couple weeks ago to an Arizona. Although it's not often known chain don't retired after 21 years with the same franchise and he started one year in Winnipeg but since then he's been in the valley of the sun so you don't see that that often in professional sports these days so I'd say that that's the bittersweet side of it yet. On October the thirtieth when Toronto comes in on a Monday united SE Peace Center. I think a lot of people are gonna give a lot of love and a lot of all the nations to it's just did done everything for the city for the franchise and and they'll respect him and he's a shark pro life. Mitch change on his kind of sharks goalie to use him a lot of big goals against the sharks. And the other thing too about patty Marleau just have a 500 goal this past season the landmark report about the thousands says so. There's a lot of things from this past season I think fans who reflect on about patty how important it was for the team. So what do you do about his point seven goals nineteen assistant 46 point what do who's gonna pick up the slack the paddy. Had on this score sheet well. That's where the hand wringing comes in right yeah beginning of the season from the pundits who say that. Those goals are irreplaceable and nothing is ever going to to be able to surmount those challenges during the season but. But actually this has happened a couple of times that team before. I cited an example where only Nolan left the team and was treated to throttle back the years that they missed the playoffs in 023. And they really didn't make any massive changes to it to the franchise but they've had some young players stern shows some promise. One of the things the sharks have always done tennis they've they've always shown a lot of faith and a lot of shall we say confidence in players that they're developing. They give them a chance first. Before they try to find a solution from the outside and so. That engenders people are very motivated playing DHL level it makes San Jose place that everybody wants to play. Besides the great weather and wonderful wife and greet history to team you've got this this confidence in and then knowledge that the organization believes in news so. You look at that the San Jose barracuda the HL he moved to San Jose two years ago. Fantastic thing for the organization because now on this last year ten players on that roster. Which was the youngest the age shot actually played for the sharks last year so. You're hoping that stepped down people like Jonas don's going to an injury plagued year comes back he looks like he's pretty healthy ready to go. You you know that out player like team home wire top draft pick couple years ago showed he can play any NHL had a good run ins that conference final last year in the American League playoffs he's another player that's gonna provide value and Chemical Bank had some pretty big goals for the sharks lashed remember one in particular against Edmonton just before Christmas in overtime it was a special one. And I think that these are guys that love to play they're gonna relish the chance that they're getting. And take advantage of it and sell at least at the start of the year that that's going to be the way it goes it's gonna come from within from these exciting players that are going to step in that are new. And also from guys it may be if you could have been a little bit better last year take the bull by the horns and be successful way. Don't think you're looking over my shoulder my notes here goes goes at a comment on the entrance to the mired in the Lancaster just on here. What are my favorite players from last Republican could score a lot picture is exciting on the ice is so Marcus Sorenson media this week. Two degree skeeter superfast. And he's under the Canon guy could have a break there is no doubt and a fact in his case he really address an issue the sharks needed from losing in the Stanley Cup final couple years ago that was. Overall team speed and quickness he has got atomic favorite things about hockey is when the fast guys about how fast guys on the ice with the puck. Dutch are skating just. And well those are the young guys look out for and this team. One team in the past Patrick morrow Ghana still very solve the course there aren't offense Horton prevails because tour. Taught her with her a lot last year if there was tours well right so you've got those guys solid I defense led by burns and classic Paul Martin's. I was on the younger guys gonna have to step up to on that list right on Dylan what do you what are you expecting you know. That the core. To be doing next year. Well a top fours as good as any in the NHL there's no doubt that that Paul Martin and Brent Burns great defense yet here. Classic number on always on the ice usually when the top prize Iran very defensively oriented they do a fantastic job. Great skaters too it just and Bronson amazing skier you can get there. But I think the competition this season on defense is gonna be little different because. David slant go left he was drafted by at Vegas and the expansion draft. A couple of days later treaty ended up in Montreal race as that team in Vegas was accumulating players at different levels of their career. The utilize that it to get to get a good player. But. So that creates an opening in the top six dealing de Mello who was on the team the last two years has really gotten the trust of the coaching staff. And when he doesn't play he doesn't complain. He's the kind of a guy that that deserves a shot to be in that top six and then another player Tim heat. Whites think was may be the best defenseman in the HL we didn't win the the Eddie Shore awards he was one of the top. He's somebody that's offensive he's going to be shot he's good on the power plays EC says solid defensively and it is a little older and he's going to be 26 this year so. He's somebody that's gonna challenge for a spot de Melo will compete for that six spot. And then you got yoke him Bryant who's sent another Swede like Douglas Murray who doesn't have a Swedish last name but his family part of this family came from there and he played at Cornell as Douglas Maria and he's another guided had a great year last year in the HL and it's going to be knocking at the door trying to get a spot so I think just play competition. And that's who do you predict may have big breakout year for the sharks eating any thoughts on now I mean that's kind of bloating question that is they're ready edit an inkling forming a real breakout year well break out has to be defined I think that Logan teacher had a breakout playoff the year they went to the final score 29 points but. He's got to get to that next level on the regular season and part of its staying healthy. I think it Logan can do that and with Patrick Marleau leaving obviously that's going to be a big deal it will what do you mean when I mean is a guy who's maybe on the bottom sketchy trying to goals assists as something like that also and just jumped up right there to you know. From those from a tenth leading scorer the top five. Well he got to say that may be honest Johns what could be that guy yet he's a guy that has shown flashes of brilliance and somebody that. I think he is at his best when it matters the most and he's a Finnish guy and I like to talk about the words cease to talk yeah that's that. Kind of the perseverance you have won it when it's topic he could be one of those guys in May be team Meyer has you know pre emptive. If something about it the Swedes in the Finnish players they just seem like it a little finesse when they play a little. When we're this is just the great skaters but they're also pretty tough but they don't really they're not looney. You know there's a certain thing about a European player and they're not Russian. Right way and they are chipping out so yeah I'm sorry to play again we have all the get under people's under people's scandal and a mixture but it's a different style of of hockey that they grow planned and in North America parts with the train the lot of them play outside and have it but he's advance of ponds and so forth before they actually go to the enduring ability and so there are a lot to skate and you know the used to be Bobby Yorke learned that way on on the big the leaks out and parry sound Ontario. And and little wistful thinking about those days we that we try to recreate some of that with the outdoor games in the NH at least have a tribute to those days right I think kids really learn a lot of basic skills they become better skaters and its stick handlers. By being out there and playing Shani. Which is within the name of the game is when it's basically keep away in hockey and Bobby your as the greatest. She any players that that's ever lived I think is -- the whole line of the puck and stick forever narrated article of Forsberg and he has he was from a town in in Sweden and so would be sending twins and as a we system. There's a small town born schools via and where they have in the winter you know. Twenty hours of of darkness and there's nowhere to go so they go inside and play hockey they skate that's what they do they're just a small towns organized got some. So good coaches but. Some of the best players that indicate to play the game come out of the small town because there's nothing else to do less for sure and of course that you mention coaches Peter Forsberg dad can't was coached a long time that a lot of good advice and good guy and speed think what the names of the guys have come on the Nicklaus instrument and a former shirts is on medalist he's from that town again he's just a tremendous guy with a great player Cedras and other Swedish players and and the Finnish players is always fun to look at all right so finally one of wrap up with that to still talk about. One thing this team is definitely got us a solid coach. And he's back any new changes with the coaching staff for what's going on there. Funny you should mention that Tim because yes Pete the board is one of the coaches that are respected the most since I came into the league. I think he's the best bench coach the sharks ever. In the guide it makes the right decision at ice level they have the perfect guy on the ice at any given moment in the game he's really good. He's very good it's getting the most out of his players. A lot of that has to do with the way the delegates to his assistance and we did it change this summer actually couple. Bob boot winner who was the architect of the great defensive seasons in Britain burns has had. Is on his way to Florida he's gonna be the head coach of the Florida Panthers a great opportunity for bogey he used to great guy and I think he'll. They'll be very successful coach in the NHL's head as head coach. And so we have rob settler back all yet and he's hired to be assistant coach Sharon I think he's grey where was he before while he was coaching in the American hockey okay sir accused New York. But he never sold his home in San Jose wife's chants from here they love the Bay Area to come back every summer and so. When they made changes in the Tampa Bay organization and last year he had some time left on his contract. And he came back the Bay Area and obviously. Got hooked in with whatever was going on with Reese commerce team and and Pete divorce known about about this that's for awhile. He's a guy that has tremendous it demeanor about him he's game he gates will team from the players and he knows the game we can teach young guys so. I'm thinking about a player like. Jeremy walk who's a top draft pick in this team a couple years ago second rounder. And he's a guy that's getting over knee surgery sets occasionally we'll get the chance to see him. Have you talked to him even though he'll be playing in the a HL with a barracuda so. That that's another strength that they haven't got a guy who knows what it means to lead teal. But he also understands the game we can teach in and work with the younger generation. On the flip side they also hired. Somebody has been part of Pete divorce staff in New Jersey that was the bar you remember him as a player who played kind of a role player for a number teams. I'm outgoing personality really good guy but he's somebody that's an expert with the power play which the team has to really improve. He's great with the penalty kill and work together with jets on that. And Pete divorced very trusting of the coaches that he chooses to hire so. Dave Barr who helped the doubles go to the final when he was an assistant coach there with the pork. And rob settler who's actually been head coach of Calder cup finalist team in Syracuse are coming to this team and they're gonna I think have a seamless transition to it. Their operations ninety basis. Well Dan the first day game on came fox our broadcast will be on Saturday the thirtieth but you've got. And is scheduled starting right at Tuesday the nineteenth against Anaheim Vegas to follow on the 21 we've got our first four games will be. A streamed AK fox dot com and the first regular season game Wednesday. A Wednesday night and home Philadelphia the flyers in town law that there was drug that crowd to flyers are in Philly people in Plano East Coast people. Of made it way to San Jose and will be there representing they'll be great at time at the end the tank so schedules out we've got to post indicate fox dot com sharks dot com. Dan good to catch up Leah can look forward to a great season I can't wait tennis is going to be fantastic and I'm just excited that it's hockey time again.