Friday, June 16th


Nancy and Celeste share a microphone to talk about tattoos, Amazon and everything else you can imagine.  This is episode One.

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He it's Nancy newcomer and I'm here was Celeste parody we sounds so polite Alison I don't know where it says Procter and we don't even have to cut to TE a. They weren't added do this podcast you know what the heck let's. Can't our voices out there I know I saw on our website on that they're always podcast holes and we should fill one of them yet seldom. What the heck yeah we both have microphones. Where do and and I have had phones yeah so we're just kind of going in and it's the citadel where recalled Celeste and Nancy show I don't know we'll start with if the contests McCain. I can I really one cemented to look at things on forest. Well we do have a musician and house are pretty quick the carpet for the horse like that but I really want is violent been signed. And so I was picketing thirteen songs actually. This weekend after reading that Adam West. Yes I just remember growing up and always walking on the house going. And any man and then I. I'm on now we can't come up with something catchy well I don't know if you noticed that Ian Crist Jackson has his electric guitars and acoustic guitars. But at. Boston show he was doing the stage and he mangled joke about. Asked in the eyes of the band if they had a spare guitar from using pulled out a ukulele he said that's what they gave an. Acute did you like it little ukulele ditty for us that would give a lot to do that finance and acting hammer and an out would actually speak to me because of my. My Hawaiian roots absolutely and you wouldn't Santa Barbara which is not Hawaii but I think beaches. Yes outdoor in palm tree eyes and think every man in Santa Barbara where's that Tommy bahama shirt and flip flops all the time and I. Outside I kinda got tired of them looked so it's nice to be up in a debate here is a little bit more diversity with. Men's fashion it's true you know I group and why so alone shirts are such Earthlink. People joke about rooms here are like oh who will Wear men you know long flight just like. I war room we just always did my husband had business in Hawaii for a while. And he showed up first down a job you know consulting is some company wearing a suit and but by the end of the trip he had like seven or day. A lot of pressure sit at the section in his closet your home. He just take some commissioners who want me OK here's the question and digging deep we're Propecia. It it hit a decent idea like us to try. And so old school that I actually made my own compassion on the cost slightly on the beach and even going. When they were plentiful on the beach I remember early all the Q delays used to Wear Patricia house and I am I might be dating aspect. I think it was so cute against certainly. Beautiful tanned skin exactly we have crashes in surfers yeah they pass a lot of surfers in Hawaii and a Santa Barbara our California. That maybe that's our are there deep connection Nancy is just the coastal thing one you know what I've always lived on the water and I really don't know what it would be like to live. Wheat from the it's OK so when I'm moved from way I came to New Mexico a first of all. With a boyfriend at the time and lasted is about thirteen days so well. He has that and a very nice guys I one of the things I realized as he decides that the relationship was not fated to go past what lies. It was that I couldn't handle being in Poland. Well I it was there was all this vast. Expanse of land and beautiful sunsets but. I felt weirdly claustrophobic like I needed water so they get that on the coast I wanna be able to look out in note you know it actually puts you in perspective to do you feel like okay when you're on the coast looking at that ocean it's like. I am really not that important. I don't think. Think it's a very grounding big. Like that pale blue dot if you ever watch that video. From Carl Sagan. And a wing think I know you're talking about so I'm getting chills thinking about it. How is beautiful so jeez you know it's basically looking from outer space to. The planet earth which is a pale blue dot gives you perspective about how are on yes it would set sane like we're just like under the thumb of some weird. Alien in another galaxy boom. The well we're not it'd be that show that idea there's other people that do those kinds of podcast that now we that we know crazy conspiratorial aliens don't care. Maybe a little for fun. OK so here's a story as to you about this week as the warriors. It's it's not a basketball story per say because even though I loved watching it I wouldn't be the person that some would come to hear about. How well they performed on the court this economic thing you know my credit but said the night after I guess tonight after. They won the title stepped curry had a private tattoo party at his house. Is he now I'm a little bit but I I didn't read. The story deep I just saw the headline ranked so what what happened to first thought it was cool he can have some income your house. And yet it seems a little bit more sanitary bright recommend people public folks can leverage there may captain blood drive their hair that attempt to artists like that. Since tattoo artist came over and Currie stepped had one done his wife IE show has a new one. His brother under equipped to jump got a top to meet key diary and his father Curry's father. Stepped got a Hebrew letter on his left wrist. The meaning of which is unknown to this point com and he has other Hebrew lettering I had read a couple of years ago his mother. I thought this real affinity to Israel and why isn't and went and got I think she learned Hebrew and he really likes appreciates sort of. But when you say the meaning is unknown mean mean that I don't mean honestly I know like. You mean that the public hasn't been made aware of it that's part of the story it's not like he picked this red and they add. In but at all. But there really liked it looks. Yeah thank you for I clarified what a mixture. Is they've answered the meeting of all of which is not downs and the Pentagon thank you very much as I just want to make sure I hope he knows we're probably two weeded out later and then we'll all figured out because when you first get a tattoo it's not true Vietnam yeah yeah. You've seen I mean I have no I'm you don't even touched the lists you I. I am intent to step aside as me and I do have attend to and it's weird it's bright. Here on my hip. Okay yeah as some him as a like if I were still young wearing the bikinis which I don't do anymore concerning my taxes. Our units are slated you know it's nothing really it's like a design. An antenna and yeah I don't know what it needs like this squiggly little design. And I just as contagious graphics like they did beyond sap wrecked it can be it was almost like a little he's sleeping. Yeah my husband says it looks like an anchor he does not love it he had a grown except that he's not attached to go did you have or you guys that. No I didn't it was isn't this summertime Susan midlife crisis thing that is like. Yeah I was with a girlfriend in Portland going to visit her and we ate lots of voodoo doughnuts and drink lots of fat you know craft beer as you do in pa. Oh my god your stomach I've had those that'd donuts those things are crazy man just tell you an hour and going up top of their dad. So booted donuts started in Portland and my brother lives out there and I guess the early days of did you doughnuts they had. All kinds of even crazier. Labors and now I think they do like fruit loops and final things so against 11 of them they had a flavor. That I guess you'd call a flavor a type of donut that they actually. The hammer came down like these legally had to stop doing it and it was the hangover donut I think that's what it was called and guess what they had crashed on top. Tie ball. And that didn't go eat yes I prescribing medicine Lee I don't think he can do that I'm an outdated down a bit. Yeah it's it's pretty it's it's amazing the Internet via download and so often as well so we went to the IRS is having one of those time. And and this is my my friend Brendan who have been friends for years and years and years. And we rarely see each other one of those in the minute we such a big number like 23 she has never attacked two. And we both were talking about it and I and I can I just feel like I want attaching issues I have feeling to have this this intuition I know a great parlor so. She went and held my nine attentive. But she didn't do us. Did not get. But again I don't know I think of whiskey before you did I didn't I don't know it was fine I I kind of like it it I think it's kept me is a small and you are mean small yeah there's it's a commitment and I just always think my mind is gonna chains. I don't know I just you know what here's the thing. It's I'd rather do like make little press on to add to that it can't just get up I know that's buddy but now and it. It's so weird thing because yes initially in hurts and I think you know somebody who knows more about tattooing would have. You know more to speak about on the subject and I believe that it depends on where you get like. If you get attacked two I think around your ankle and your bones. I think that hurts a lot if it's near your bones get heard so pages really tied to this is a fleshy part of my body so that she it did hurt as much but initially did her incensed in my neck deep in kind of a Muslim lives breed. You are saying is that I get wanna should get it on might ask fitted on your path and apparently let's see. What are your negative in your day is now. That I don't think it really hurt. About after a well it's like is. The zone and the pain goes away as assistant Haitians so wasn't of that however. It's just a small tattoo yeah I was watching people get inked on their back China thinking. Kick in they're just doing sections of overtime so not only is it so time consuming and I think it's quite extraordinary. But it's also super expensive annoying now lot have a female friend and I'm saying that because she'd she on her back. She's doing in the Angel wings and they're really intense. But in insular tank top or she wears swimsuits like it's cooled our work but. When it makes me think how honest about it and told us. You remembrance silence of the lambs at. And with only high up like that reminds me of that great IOC president. Sacrificial again I don't know what does silly or describe him yeah yeah and well and do it the whole Curry's family has got tattoos and I know people do that my son had a girlfriend. Once and they and a whole family there were all everybody got attempt to I don't think his children have tattoos I know now mothers and daughters done and done none for high school and college graduation like mother daughter kind of thing right but now it's an acute do you like you know. And he gave an east botanic. Brian it's not a mom thing to do. I'd now. But sat and I would like to see victory tattoos we now have no word what he says. Tend to know just that that the family got tattoos and house and once they heal because it is kind of scale obvious person doesn't look pretty. And you know perhaps when their heels I wanna peonies scam because it is now Mendes weeded sketch beat them. He keen about another big conglomerate. Pine another one and Amazon Amazon. Now I didn't read the stories cease and here's the deal I had a really rough day yesterday and listed all the research should help. I'm Celeste please tell me why does not this is this morning is this just popped up analysts and buys or makes objecting to buy a whole foods hasn't been approved what's the point of that and mean. You can have your Cahill delivered by two. I managed I don't know okay soon is that really that angled. There it's to deliver groceries. Well I suppose what I IT because Amazon is in the business of it's essentially delivering everything right and you can get anything you want their. And they do have these gross this grocery arm I don't know how successful it's been so I suppose because they wanna move into. And the business of grocery they're gonna buy a successful grass well teller. I would imagine they do really good job with it. Purchase something on Amazon and continue it or like it's not in the morning and it was their before the day was overly how did they do that as your prime. And yeah yeah I mean I got it. The same day did not even then extend the same day I know it's crazy so that's what you have to be doing the pressure is obviously things have to be delivered timely manner but. Tell you. I grew up my mom was a comic teacher and even back in those days as a kid I remember going to the Kirsch is too with her that she would go to the butcher the baker or the regular store and she would purge I think it's how Europeans buy their food. You know going to especially shops and back then. I don't think anything was outrageously priced at any good. It may be better prices going T now I had bred delivered like in a track like yeah like. This column the muffin man like that fun to eat and often. Read got it coming down the street like a good humor you know with the ice cream and there's a belt man but I never I don't earnest and we didn't have the milkman and we have the red planet do you remember it was kind of fascinating because and they had this one kind of bread back then I don't know if you had this growing at both called. Which could run each and have up to lean on top it makes great sandwiches last currency the Dutch crunch and then if we my mom never ever thought pastries are suites atlas atlas Christmas or something varies. Very special and a and you just look at those cinnamon rolls and she talks. I. Stay patient she was ahead ever touching new issue is that we never got a sugar coated cereal all but. A glance would you like. You've probably done like I do like the experience of shopping for later I do and I do like going until it can give pricey at some of the farmers markets but I do have a few glee produce. You know people like I don't know where it's a little bit more affordable in the best is if you have all the different that are growing staff in December trade that for the best but never done we're gonna start arrived in startled guard will stick with some basic stuff like diesel and tomatoes except that you know you're gonna eat all the time because if you go too wide. You're gonna get it. All stations. Plus in fact that we want to keep it organic but. But back to the shopping thing I think it's fun to ago. And buys something from especially east store you can do it affordably via Turkey on but I just. I I don't mind going and looking at my. Owned food and purchase and how ever. I mean I'm thinking about my kids are older now so I have the time to do that. May be yelling you're busy play years ago immunity NN meaning that they view it teaches an absolute joy will come home and find the groceries are you done for me. We know what that whole. And gosh I'm forgetting what has already delivered. The the pro is the difference is I done for awhile it was amazing yeah I and you don't really know and again and I did that when I lived in Southern California and I really liked and no they do it up here Anderson greets. Community gardens and things that are all end. Connected that way and I think that's agree. We do but. It is different when you're cooking for a family here cooking for Koppel at arson and it just. Different how uses eights punditry don't like you haven't you Ehrlich. You don't run and they gave you pet. Have a good PSP. And you art Harris at the clean. He. Seems like Evan mixing mark cocktails and making it up. Those margaritas are in season now and it this solution and so Amazon okay that. Seems like it's going to be a big deal it's going to be huge tea yeah I mean it's just. I was thinking about how as read an article about how somebody testing the flying car sometime earlier this week behaviors in parents I think and so. And now with Amazon and running everything in our lives you know. Don't you do remember watching the Jetsons when you're analysts say here we are all coming true I had were the Rosie the robot maid and you know how people have those. Those things that they Witasick column the rumba. No yeah I scenario and I that we are the Jetsons we know it went out and I remember their team has done. Alma Ryan had his day on his wife at Goddard GD. Mean he. Started off without. An attack and we need it aims and I like this sign at all. All right so I think we should do this again. Absolutely I'll comes more prepared next time I promise I'll I was not prepared and we just kind of wing it and see where ago and Xena. There's lots going on lots to talk about and so I do you have little podcast on the yeah wearing different studio two it's kind of plan. I'm thinking about getting a personal microphone and just howling with it. You know you and I how do our show we can do I have one you know I have a whole setup time. Yeah we can do this to her show on show on the road I think we need to go to the beach I'd love to you can't at the edge of the continent. He can go. Back to that blue dot. We're all on the blue dot to get echo look at the blue dot and listen to Carlson in speech and thinking that. I love him and the other one I really loud to you is Neil deGrasse Tyson. I saw him speak about three years ago and you know he hasn't shipped as he took over. The karlson on getting and show opener. Seen him in real life in front of an audience and he chest. In twos egregious. Really amazing areas an aegis really start to think about what do and Harris a few mistakes were make speak up I was. I was listening to talk about what happens when you die and dentists. This fantastic as it was very basic and scientific but also. He has a way of bringing his humanity and compassion and spirituality and a tip in not only to sweat and it's just yeah beautiful you know. A blessing to him like my kids love them about the T shirts that say you know I love the smell of the cosmos and appoint a great thing I ever I get out and show. I thought wow this is people say they're turned off by science in school but just think if you. You know this is why we have to continue supporting teachers great teachers make all the difference disease especially. A teacher. And he relates to people in a way that you could understand it he makes it fun and you wanna know more her you know what's funny. This is my daughter was on high school she found out he was coming to a local theater and the tickets went on sale ten months before she was first in line and like. She's like mom I gotta get up at 4 in the morning like wait. Week to get up you have to wait for tickets she said I can get better tickets at the box office than online and then here it is Carl Sagan. Immigrants. Anyway on. Is was laughing like you know we used to get up early to get Led Zeppelin or AC DC take it she's getting to see Neil stick cost Dyson at that. That's for all future is bright it absolutely is so well I think this is wonderful we're hanging out so it's less than Nancy. And we've added to this. Against anything our noses I was like that the yet okay we can and in that part of one up early and that I Nancy freelance.