Behind The Riff While You See A Chance (Steve Winwood).mp3

Thursday, August 10th


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Behind the riff with Chris Jackson. My guest this week is Steve Winwood hi Steve. Fellow crew how are great and the rest. Is on a keyboard actually is synthesizer. The beginning of why you see a chance take it there there. There are man man in noon and. Steve helped take us behind that riff as you were coming up within him were you in the studio where you at home. Think bill that we are good gut for about two when little recorded in my studio because some. It was a sort of a wal ma am production and I'm warm album really. Yes it was didn't buy it borrow and studio within or between 1990 or 1991. And in fact. The drums were supposed to come in at the very beginning. Well the of the of the strong. Armed them. And then. And actually the I think the race because. I think sixteen ball and move on the state of live drums. Struggle what the president slow down the round drums and another with them some some people. That's why it's kind of longer and that keyboard intro would nothing else going Auckland. Did that did the riff on keyboard is actually the vocal melody for the verse one and. And and then now. So which came first you wrote it on keyboard and then had the singing copy it or the other way. I think what that didn't I broke it can be remedied. And then and then could have been there a short ticket to the keyboard. Manatee so yes I think that let people although I don't think that that keyboard. Was intended to be there at the very very beginning when the drums for that but let them when the drums and gone up or. But would something. I don't know what the couple put the keyboard I'm Manny does because and do. I'm on court inversion going on underneath. Well there you go Steve Wynn could take us behind the root for while you see chance. Thank you got an idea for riff you can hit me up kickbacks FaceBook page or Chrissie K fox dot com and maybe your grip will be the one we go blind next.