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Thursday, May 18th


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Behind the riff with Chris Jackson. An inside look at some music and songs that made classic rock for. Now here's Chris. Hey look who wants to help take is behind the risks. Def Leppard another tour this year it's Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collins let's learn about the risk to photograph. Because there's a trick. Let me start. So I thought I'd try it with New Year's Eve you recognize yourself. But CN could be playing now wrong. Know you've tried it right but there's there's too polished to a back from that the site at times so have and that's why that level and has a struggle with it you know that fit that that particular risk. Yeah you go to that you need to get tough policy to do that absolutely could govern their longest felt bad. OK but this is actually one of the parts. Is that right that is to say is dry but these these the other part is. Wouldn't it should check this if that took me if you can hear this I know. I think it all. We. There. But it did yeah I heard that's your plan bolt at the same time. Yeah I would doubt at all if say that suggested that the other pod than it did you know policy would play what you flight and then. I've played this thing and then all of a sudden it sounds. Like a dozen electoral you know they got it. I'm just here by myself so I don't know what to do. Yeah we'll let you know that there's another process you dipped that that you can keep you can do via the split personality thing you know you can play one talks. That you could play devil's always loved. But hey we just learned that trick to playing the guitar riff to photograph like Def Leppard you gotta have two guitars to play that intro we're doesn't work. Now you've been behind the risk. With Phil Collins of Def Leppard and hit me up kick box FaceBook page or Christopher. If you ever wrote that we can go behind. The next hour on behind the relief.