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Thursday, April 13th


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Behind the riff with Chris Jackson. And inside look at some music and songs that made classic rock great. Now here's Chris. For this episode I've got Bev Bevan it's legendary drummer for Electric Light Orchestra PLO. The getaway desk about evil woman. But I want to ask you first have about the rock and roll hall of fame you were just inducted. Was it mixed feelings because it was like get this is awesome but at the same time it took too long. It is cool that they uplift the government that but it's certain. Think that there within public I'm always felt that leave them on the phone wrote that much about it but I believe. Particularly very independent and yet. I don't think so far has told so far as has been around. A long long time to take effect in the low alone there's about. Are divided over done the about them other than those who I am because. When you went through this thing but I look up there in the end so it's the play relatively. If you know cloak that includes hole and almost played great lawyers most people vote because they affect it and looked hopeful over the years. Simple but if you look at the and so on and on Lavelle always been a little incident. Took very different go to these great things in the. Legendary drummer for ELO Electric Light Orchestra them Evans is my guest so take is behind the riff for evil woman. The drums. Come in like a monster. The woman that was about 74 until people wake up half a mockup of a call like that unless the government denies this guy is I probably could. Still oppose performing for the Soviet you know like this is very loose and they didn't work really well. Yeah I was an attempted to dig out like. Yeah yeah I think that we couldn't put it in we've because studios. We really through in Germany. Kevin Evans legendary drummer for PLO Electric Light Orchestra take us behind the riff. For evil woman the way the drums come in debt that doesn't have to love it. Adjoining hit me up on cape fox FaceBook page or Chrissie K fox dot com you could suggest a rift that we go behind it maybe even next Thursday. When we go behind the ref.