Behind The Riff Dust In The Wind (lead singer Ronnie Platt).mp3

Thursday, April 20th


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Behind the riff with Chris Jackson. And inside look at some music and songs that made classic rock great. Now here's Chris. This is going to be cool to get that perspective. Of Ronnie Platt who's now the lead singer for Kansas. And so let me just play it on my guitar. It's it's like it's sort of one note to put. More and you want this to your old or sixteen court. But I cells see about doing this right. Not nice jar out real job you're cornered. I. And put it amazes me is. How many people. Are holding up herself Paul Turk and thought from the web. So like you're trying came out that certain time trying to Booker followed a video. But it. There's no constituency of sell all its. What we play dust in the wind it's it's for people. Is it because they're fit they're recording hitters because they're holding it up like a flow like a lighter. Most people are we court and it know that. Like don't record it just didn't know the joy. In person they're going to come back a putrid and that's my that's my remedy that situation. So you're out there singing and India see this to people they're not watching they're watching from behind the following even though you're right there. What we acknowledge it. As long as they're not texting your brother in law that shot but he. There you go behind the riff and dust in the wind that Kansas lead singer running flat. I don't forget dipping upon FaceBook or Krista K fox dot com if you got an idea a riff you wanna go behind. This is the place to do it until next Thursday. I'll be behind the riff.