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Thursday, October 12th


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Behind the riff which Chris Jackson. Also it's good to have Fleetwood Mac lead guitarist Lindsey Buckingham on fear itself a native. And Lindsay before we get to the guitar riff you know I know you are Stevie Nicks live near the prune yards in Campbell. They're remodeling and now and I went over there just to make sure L world was staying in so far so good. Good well it's nice and other places so there are still there and then again this too often you know you he did the F with the food Yale I. But I remember you said you you are Stevie Nicks eight Goodell Berle. And across the street at the Hickory pit. We'll let you know day ill Borough. Clinton appearing yards to shopping center which was almost straight across from hell we were any on mass commit the time. We have but I mean we you know there was a place it down and also. Kurt apparently hit that we use Siri personal club called elf these. We used to play this nuclear fairgrounds all the time in the opening period bigger acts of course she's like the number. The Moody Blues. I didn't pay unitarian. I'm Tully road. And it. So I got my guitar out. I'd like you to take his behind the roof. Of this song. It's been well I mean what is that the chain would. The chain. Did did I play that right with a special dropped deep doo ending. Yes you know it's if they drop the picture again. OK I just didn't they just don't do it meaning that can. I think that typically so what's the story. Behind that Ruth. Well you know that would. And it just seems so long and it's it's created all five people are credited. On men because everyone had a little something to do it. With various movement in it you know John is the patriots this very signature to that day in. And and of course essentially man routine keep it together. Look who listen who live very much in the forefront of over what we feel we had to do. At a time when we who really were not together as couples any more Stevie and I and pretty much broken been done. Christine has broken. And yet we knew we had distant city to fulfill fill this song was about making a conscious. Effort to define what it was that did bonded this together you know that transcended all of the personal problems we're having. And I think he would be this song began and it really did begin with just a drop the Rhea and I started playing man and started singing a version. You in the Bay Area at when you were playing that grip I. I think we we probably were I don't think that was one of the things that we could necessarily planned on. On a recording we did some rehearsing before we went up to Sausalito to begin work on an album. Yeah but logistic your house when you came up with that roof. More I was probably at my house and then I probably waited too Cilic everybody until we were all in the studio together in and then it became. Sort of this spontaneous. The series. Kind of free associations you know that led from one think to the podium there. And it sounds that way it's it's got them viable now. Yes and that's that's one of the reasons that everyone's credited. On there because people it did have sort of a communal process to it. Well you heard it from Lindsay talking camera Fleetwood Mac taking us behind the riff. For the chain that gives you got an idea for a rift. Give me up on the cape fox FaceBook page or Chris a case fox dot com and maybe your riff is the one we're gonna go behind next time if.