Teri King

Saturday & Sunday 8p - 12am

I live in the Bay Area and LOVE the Sharks, because they’re all kinds of AWESOME! I grew up on the East Coast, so hockey is kind of in my blood. My first concert was Jethro Tull and my first vinyl was an Aerosmith LP. I sold out for a bit when I got caught up with the wrong crowd and actually attended a Rick Astley concert. Yes, it was as bad as you think, but in kind of a good way. I moved to the Bay Area in ’95 and met my husband at the Great American Music Hall at an Iguanas Show. Some of our favorite concerts were Roger Waters’ Dark Side of the Moon Tour, AC DC, Pink Floyd, and Leonard Cohen. Lately, I’m super boring. When I’m not watching Ray Donovan and cheating on my doctor by inserting some carbs into my diet, I'm trying to think of new and interesting ways to corrupt the mind of my teenage son, it’s harder than you think!