Nancy Newcomer

Born and bred in the East Bay, I grew up with older sisters and a brother who turned me on to the the best music around. My earliest and most favorite concert memories are of Bill Graham’s legendary Day on The Green shows~yup, I was there for Lynyrd Skynyrd, Santana and Peter Frampton! For college, I headed south to Santa Barbara where I was bitten by radio bug and spent most of my radio career. Down south, I learned how to make a kickass margarita, salsa and the best guacamole you’ve ever tasted~ it’s amazing how many people like to hang out with you once you perfect this trifecta. After a wonderful career and raising 2 amazing kids, Northern California has called me back. I’m thrilled to be up here again enjoying all that the bay area has to offer. I love discovering the fun little wineries around Los Gatos and Santa Cruz, checking out shows at The Fox Theatre, hiking in Marin County, and exploring foodies finds all over the bay. To commemorate my return, the first thing I did was purchase my brand new Giants ball cap.

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