U2 Fallout Continues

Great show, not so great service.

May 19, 2017

I went to Wednesday's U2 concert, the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree-what many consider their finest album-and while the show itself was spectacular, the staff at Levi’s Stadium was pretty abysmal. To start, you have to allow yourself plenty of time to get to the show which during the week and rush hour is not easy. Parking was a challenge-I paid $30 with the Park Whiz App to park at the Hyatt and walked one mile to the stadium. I bought my tickets though Live Nation whose policy it’s that you have to pick your tickets at will call. That’s never been a big deal, but it was Wednesday. I had to ask several people clarification as to where will call was located and once I got there, the line was quite long. Once inside, there were long lines for everything- Beer, Wine, Food, and even the merchandise line. The only place I didn’t see a line was the bathrooms, perhaps because no one could buy a beer. Getting out was a pain, down stairs, then back upstairs, across a bridge and no direct route to the car because everything was fenced off.

Several stories have since ran and not of them are good

Bottom line, I think that the Levi's Stadium people may know how to host of 49er game, but were overwhelmed for this concert. Particularly when it comes to a veteran group of concert goers who are used to excellent service from venues like Shoreline, Concord Pavilion, SAP, Oracle Arena, Oakland Coliseum and AT&T Park.