The Time My Dad Met Jonathan Winters

June 17, 2017


My dad, Bus Newcomer & Jonathan Winters at the Santa Barbara Biltmore. Most likely one of the happiest days of my dad's life. He finally got to meet his idol. Mr Winters was hysterical and made my dad laugh until he cried. They were both born in 1925 and probably could have hung out for hours telling jokes & about two peas on a pod!

Back Story: I had met Jonathan twice in Santa Barbara~ once when he came into my old radio station to cut some promos for a charity event and then again out and about while we were both walking our dogs. A couple of years later, my family was enjoying brunch at the Biltmore and we ran into Mr. Winters. After he was done with his meal, I asked him if I could introduce him to my dad, a long time fan. Graciouly he obliged. The first thing he said to my dad was, "Hey there man, it looks like you've gone a few rounds in the ring!".  Without missing a beat, my dad says, "I broke my nose on the football field".  From then on, the banter began: talk of college football, sports injuries, and god knows what else! My dad laughed so hard he was crying. My heart fills up reliving this moment. It was everything you'd ever hoped it could be. 

Missing my dad this Father's Day. It's been two years since he passed...of course, Jonathon is gone too. I think of that day, how two men of that generation bonded immediately and what joy came from a 10 minute conversation and a one memorable photograph.

Here's to a lifetime of memories this Father's Day~ wishing you all the best.