Nancy Newcomer: My Encounter with "The Law"

Find out why I got pulled over.

May 19, 2017

You know that sinking feeling when you see flashing lights in your rear view mirror? It happened to me last Tuesday while running errands before coming to work. The officer walked up to my car window to let me know my tail light was out. Then something interesting happened...he asked what was in my cup. That day, I happened to be drinking my morning smoothie out of a red cup. You know the one: the party cup, beer pong cup, kegger was the only "to go" cup at my mom's house where I'd been staying the night before. The other footnote is that I was rockin' with Chris Jackson on KFOX while "Jungle Love" by Steve Miller was on the air. I asked him if "the red cup" was the reason he pulled me over. He denied it, but I have a hunch that it may have looked like I was having a little too much fun with that red cup in my hand.  What can I say,  Jungle Love is my jam.  For the record, no laws were broken and I got off with a warning.   Maybe he's a closet KFOX fan :)