Labyrinth in Calistoga

Nancy Newcomer BLOG: Ever Walked a Labyrinth?

A little escape for the mind.

February 15, 2017

During my trip to Calistoga earlier this month, I stumbled upon this beautiful stone labyrinth.A magical little discovery in the rain just after a mudbath and hot tub, it drew me in, especially since no one else was around.  I really didn't know how to "do the labyrinth", but I've heard that it brings forth a calming and quieting effect especially if you're experiencing stress or have an overactive mind. I was already pretty blissed out after soaking in the hot tub, but what the heck, I gave it a go. Step by step, in the gentle rain, I walked the labyrinth. I can't say I had in any mind-blowing epiphanies but I did feel grateful and more relaxed.
The following week, I discovered another labyrinth right in my very own neighborhoodrhoood-this one was painted on concrete and didn't quite have the same  "magic" as the stone version in Calistoga.  Nonetheless, why not do it again?  Hmmm, again, more relaxed afterward...even without the hot tub and wine..did I mention the wine? This may be my new thing...  Have you ever walked the labyrinth? If you know of any tucked away anywhere in the bay area, let me know: or tweet me @NancyNewcomer