Jon Snow Stole My Look

August 10, 2017

Jon Snow stole my look.
This was called to my attention the other day when a co-worker mentioned my "Game of Thrones" look. I wear my cozy, furry sweater nearly every day in the KFOX studio because it's usually super cold...Chris Jackson likes his AC (and his AC/DC)!  Since I'm usually freezing, my sweater is a mainstay... but I assure you, it was not my intention to emulate the GOT style, however it IS a good look. And I love Jon Snow.

 You may have read the recent story about how Jon Snow's cape is really an IKEA rug...brilliant! My sweater was on sale 3 years ago at Macy's, a Ralph Lauren with a fake fur collar. It's served me well and has kept me warm...and Winter is coming.