what's your 1st choice: camping or motel?

July 16, 2017

(above pic: my son roughing it on top of Mt. Jacinto in SoCal)

In the pic, my son Tyler had no choice but to camp because there is no motel on top of Mt. Jacinto!

I grew up staying in motels. My parents never camped on our summer vacations. Later, on my own, I learned to prefer camping. My son prefers camping, that's for sure.

However, because I like to be spontaneous with my getaways, I end up going with motels more often, because camping seems to take more planning.

I'd like to get to Lake Tahoe before summer's end: I've stayed at the Lazy S Lodge there many times, but it looks like it's closed!  Guess I'll dust off the tents ~


- Chris Jackson