How to fix your air conditioner: so easy I can do it!

September 11, 2017

My air conditioner was out during hottest day of the week yesterday, and I'm so glad the repair companies in the San Jose area were NOT available to come out. 

What? I am I nuts? No. You read that correctly. Because I couldn't get it repaired, I had to try to fix it myself. I shut the power off, changed the thermostat batteries and changed the filter. Then I changed the fuses in the electrical box outside, turned the power back on, and the air conditioning started working again!

 Ace Hardware told me I got the last two replacement fuses (people have been buying them up since they started overworking their air conditioners during the recent Bay Area heatwave).

I know for some the repair I did is no big deal, but it's definitely my HANDYMAN moment of a lifetime (so far - at least, until I change my oil all by myself) ~


- Chris Jackson