Celeste Perry: Things Guys Do...Secretly. Is This List True?

Number Four Surprised Me.

April 19, 2017

I live in a house of men.   There's my husband, my two sons and my dog, Veto.  This list of of 41 Things guys secretly do doesn't surprise me and frankly many of the boys and men I know do these things straight out in public.

1. Peeing in the shower.  Nothing shocking about this in fact I think there's a whole Seinfeld episode dedicated to this habit (see clip below)

2. Peeing in the sink if the shower's too far away.  Okay, I did not know that and I can't un-know it now.  C'mon this is awful.

3. Cutting fingernails and leaving the clippings everywhere.  Isn't this why vacuum cleaners were invented?

4. Turning dirty boxers inside out to wear them "as clean" the next day.  Points for being so resourceful

5. Sniffing underwear that's been lying around to see if it's acceptable.  I think everyone does this, right?  Or have I just revealed too much. 

Here's the rest of the list:  ManlyHabits

For reference purposes, here's a scene from the "George Pees in the Shower" Seinfeld episode.