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Yes You Can Buy American Made Clothes!

Want to know about my new good looking and good fitting jeans?

Ok just for fun I'm thinking you said "yes."

"We send the message to employees and patrons that as USA Made entrepreneurs “it is not all about money”. It is about standards of living, education, global security, employee’s jobs, well being of families and the future of new generations. It is also about helping our neighbor and the truly needy."

That's from the place I bought my jeans.

I bought them online from All American Clothing Company. Here is their Facebook page. I like buying American produced products. It's not always easy but with the internet and some searches you can find more American made items than you probably realized.

These jeans are great and fairly priced. I was intrigued by this tag saying I could trace the jeans back to the cotton farmer. Hmm that's cool!

I did it and you can too. I just entered the number 941213680000 at this link http://www.allamericanclothing.com/traceability.html

And here's what I found out.

The cotton in my jeans is from Robert's Farm in Sumner County Kansas.

They had the cut and sew job done at Elk Brand Manufacturing facilities in Kentucky.

Then ended up being sent to me after I bought them online from All American Clothing Company in Ohio.

How great is that?!

Here's a video about their Traceability and the cotton farmers

I'm really happy with the jeans. The Shop American Made idea isn't new, and there's more of it out there than you might realize.

Big Rick says "Check It Out!"

More on the cotton farm:

Robert's farm has been in his family since 1919 when his grandfather moved to Sumner County in search of better farmland. During his career, Robert has watched farming transition from a “way of life” to a state-of-the-art business that employs the latest technology. Today, he produces his cotton in a no-tillage system, solely using rainfall and with minimal use of pesticides.

American Cotton Growers - or ACG - and its farmer-owners are focused on developing high quality denim fabrics for our customers with minimal impact on the environment. We produce an average of 37 million yards of denim annually, enough to make 26 million pairs of jeans, every yard of which is grown, spun, dyed, and woven from the cotton our members produce. This denim process is a true, homespun phenomenon - American cotton literally created from field to fabric.

More on the Elk Brand Manufacturing facilities in Kentucky:

The All American Clothing Co. brand of jeans is sewn at the Elk Brand Manufacturing facilities in Kentucky. The combination of Elk Brand Manufacturing Co. and its sister company W.E. Stephens Co carries a loyal tradition of being involved in the jeans business since 1924.

Headquartered out of Nashville, W. E. Stephens/Elk Brand Mfg. owns the Elk Brand plant in Cadiz, Kentucky. W. E. Stephens is genuinely a proud American company from way back when it actually was one of the original sponsors of "The Grand Ole Opry". Now that is genuinely American!

Elk Brand is a long term cut/sew facility located in small town America where it is nestled into the rolling bluegrass fields of Kentucky. The local workforce is very proud to hand craft each garment made for All American Clothing and supplied to USA consumers.

Elk Brand acknowledges that jeans have always been a part of the American culture and they are striving to keep it that way. For the last 10 years Elk Brand has fought the economic battle that has eliminated over 81% of America's cut & sew labor force.

They stand up against the odds and continue the effort to keep USA jobs and USA made jeans alive. That is why All American Clothing continues to contract their labor and continue to support their efforts.

Being known for their quality and there belief in USA Made products has helped to keep them in business where others have perished. We consider them among the best in our country. Elk Brand Manufacturing and their loyal employees come to work daily with a "Made in the USA attitude".

All American Clothing Co. would like to thank Elk Brand for helping us to support USA jobs and our great country!

Finally a video of the founders and some of their clothes.

12/12/2012 1:21PM
Yes You Can Buy American Made Clothes!
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09/26/2013 11:43AM
Keep it up
So, so sick of " made in a china"...jobs here in USA, NOW! ??? List of American made clothing etc. ?
01/05/2014 1:22PM
Made in USA
On this website, what is made in USA is noted on each product under details tab on each product. www.topsjeans.com
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